Saturday, 2 May 2015

Virgin Coconut Oil

Sorry it's been a long time since a post! I've finally finished the South America leg to my trip, and have been having a nice relax in Fiji before I start another hectic trip around New Zealand.

Whilst in Fiji, I was wandering an island where I came across a local lady selling handmade necklaces and bracelets. Along with this, she was selling bottles of pure coconut oil which she had prepared herself. Obviously in Fiji, coconuts are very easy to come by so preparing the oil is very easy. 

Pure Virgin coconut oil can be fairly expensive in the UK, so when she said it was 50 Fijian dollars, which is about £16 I was tempted to buy some. When I realised I'd misheard and she was selling it for 15 Fijian dollars, I could have kissed her and bought 12. I decided one was enough though, and walked of very smug that I got it for just £5.

She explained that some oil is for cooking with and then the rest is left in the sun for 8 hours so it can be at its best, and then that's that! No chemicals or preservatives, just pure natural coconut oil.


The benefits of coconut oil are endless. After spilling a majority of it on the floor (which I knew I'd do) I put it in my hair and all over my body. It's great for skin that's been in the sun all day, and also for hair that's been frazzled and gone crispy  by the sea like mine has been. Leaving it in your hair can make it look greasy, so I find putting it in for 20 minutes before washing your hair will give it an intense condition, without the greasy look afterwards. I've used it as a body moisturiser which absorbs quickly, and even used some for cooking when Cooking oil hasn't been available

 I love this stuff and am so happy I picked some up! If you can get a hold of it then do because the smell is incredible, and you can use it for pretty much anything! Will check in again soon! Thank you for your patience