Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Noble Isle

Hello there readers! After my downer about England being rubbish in the world cup in my Birchbox review the other day, I felt today I should do a post on why Britain is just great! Today's post is on a luxury bathing brand, which is a little different to what I usually do, but these products really struck a cord with me.

Noble Isle is a British brand that is inspired by Britain, by encorporating the smells of our beautiful nation. As you can see by the logo, each flower represent the national emblem of each country; The English Rose, the Scottish Thistle, the Welsh Daffodil, and of course the Irish Shamrock. Their range of hand washes, shower gels, candles, body lotions and reed diffusers have been deeply researched in terms of smells and their locations. Each scent is inspired from a place in Britain, and the ingredients are of the highest quality to reflect that place. The aim of the brand and their products, is for the smells to transport you to a place or memory in our home. As I am a bit of a mongrel and have family from every country in Britain, it maybe why I relate to the smells so much, even though I have never actually been to them. (I suddenly feel very ashamed that I haven't, especially as I am planning on travelling the world soon and I haven't even explored the very Island I live on!)

 "The act of smelling something, anything, is remarkably like the act of thinking. Immediately at the moment of perception, you can feel the mind going to work, sending the odor around from place to place, setting off complex repertories through the brain, polling one center after another for signs of recognition, for old memories and old connection." – Lewis Thomas

I once heard a quote about the sense of smell that was a little like this one, it could have even been this one, but I do think the sense of smell is one that we undermine. But simple things such as the smell of a perfume can remind you of a person, or the smell of a plant can take you back to a place. Even the smell of food can make you instantly feel hungry! If you read my blog you will probably know that I am absolutely horrific at trying to explain a smell, but I can explain to you what memories these products remind me of, so join me as I go down memory lane!

I bought this Noble Isle set which contains a few of their best sellers. They aren't really suited for a particular sex, they can be used by anyone.

The packaging certainly screams luxury and make perfect gifts for people. I bought this set for £29.00 which I think is quite good for the size. Each scent has the destination from where the smell was inspired from underneath.

'Lightning Oak' is meant to be the smell of an oak tree that was struck by lightning in Hertford Heath. As you would imagine, this has quite a woody aroma and is probably more masculine. It is a very clean smell though and for some reason reminds me of my Welsh Grandad. I think it reminds me of a shaving soap he uses or maybe a shower gel.

Willow Song is by far my favourite, and really makes me emotional for some reason. This smell for me  makes me realise what Lana Del Rey is talking about when she says 'summertime sadness'. When I was younger I used to live in the country side and all I would do in the summer would be play with my friends from dusk till dawn. It also reminds me off going up to Norfolk to see my Grandma and Grandad in the summer. I think this is what this smell reminds me off and it makes me almost sad and nostalgic but also kind of happy. I can't explain it. Girls are weird like that.

The next two scents also come with a matching body lotion, which should be said are lovely quality.

Summer Rising is meant to be the smell of Cornish Hedgerows, and I have to say that is exactly what the smell reminds me off. It has an almost salty aspect to it as well as a warmness. I have had a couple of holidays in Cornwall, one being in a beach town and this smell reminds me off that holiday.

Fireside again smells exactly of what its meant too. I think the smell of a fireside is one everyone can relate too. It is a very festive smell and reminds me of being in pubs with my friends during the Christmas period. Also of a Church my dad sang Carols at one year in a cute village near me.

I also have a hand wash from the brand that is in my homes downstairs toilet. This Rhubarb Rhubarb smell reminds me of country pubs in the summer with friends. It has juniper berries in it which could be what reminds me of gin in the pub!

Reading this back I realise this post became a little bit cheesy and possibly boring for you to read, so I apologise for that, but I enjoyed writing it and explaning what each smell meant to me. I think the point of the brand is that everyone gets something different out of it, and it certainly gave me an excuse to remember.