Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hello Hair Hydrating Hair Mask

Sorry it has been a while again guys! TOMORROW, I embark on the exciting new leg of my travels to Australia. I'll be settling down to work there for a little while so will hopefully be able to be more regular with my posts!

In prep for Australia, long ago now before I set off in March, I purchased the Hello Hair Hydrating Mask, a natural hair mask for dehydrated hair, loved by Aussies and  loved even more by Instagram. Instagram is fast becoming another means of advertisement for smaller brands, and I'm starting to find lots of products I want to try from it.

The mask was $15 (£8.00) which I think is really good for a natural product, plus I've had many uses out of my sachet, I'd say probably about 10. I seem to remember the postage to England being about the same as the product though, but whilst I'm in Aus that won't be a problem :)

The product itself is actually incredibly similar to the coconut oil I bought in Fiji, which was the last thing I posted about. It contains some of hairs favourite ingredients, coconut oil and argan oils, which helps strengthen hair to make it grow faster, and also prevents breakage. It also contains almond oil which helps hair retain its colour, and olive oil which smooths hair. You can also use the mask in the roots of you hair as the olive leaf extract is anti bacterial, and the castor oil stimulates the root to help growth.

I've used this mask at least three times now, and it's worked wonders on the dry ends of hair I've had from exposure to the sun and lack of brushing! Whenever I've started getting the larger knots in my hair, I use this for 20 minutes and it restores my hair completely. As my hair is really thick, I always go over board with the mask but it actually penetrates through the hair so well I could be using half the amount I usually do. After washing it out, I'll sometimes go for another shampoo just to make sure it's all out at the scalp, however l leave as much residue in the ends for prolonged protection.

Since using it I have also found my hair has grown really fast! Here is a picture of me 3 months ago in Rio and then a picture now.

In the 3 months my hair has grown at from below shoulder to more boob level, and it's not as frizzy either.

With the ingredients it contains, it's needless to say it smells incredible, and it  leaves your hair smelling great for days. It's a completely vegan product as it is all plant and nut extract, however they now have a new addition without nuts, so those with nut allergies can use it. 

I love the simplicity of this product, and will certainly be picking more up when I get to Australia. It's also worth having a look at their Instagram page. I love the easy wavy beachy Australian look when it comes to hair, and they post pictures of gorgeous boho hair styles, perfect for the up and coming summer months and great for festivals!