Friday, 19 June 2015

Coco Butter Moisturiser

Hi everyone, I've been meaning to do this post for a while but still haven't got round to doing so! Anyway, whilst in the beautiful Peru, we went to a chocolate museum that taught us all about how chocolate was made. If you want to read more about that day, you can read my other blog that describes myself and my boyfriends trip away, and the Coco museum features here.

At the end of the tour, my eyes were instantly drawn to the little skin care shelf, which had many different products using the cocoa butter that is part of the chocolate making process. I took far too long deciding which one product I wanted to buy. As I'm travelling, I couldn't buy lots even though I wanted too! I tried the testers of the body lotions and lip balms, I contemplated getting the shampoo and conditioner, but in the end, I thought I couldn't go wrong with a day cream. This was only cheap as it was Peruvian prices, and the little tub is perfect travel size.

Cocoa butter, as your probably know is quite thick, so it has been perfect for the colder parts of New Zealand I've been travelling, as it gives a thicker finish meaning less damage is caused to the skin. It is really soothing, and actually absorbs really well into the skin despite its thickness. The main benefit though is the smell! Everyone in the room can tell when I put it on, as it has such a milky chocolate smell to it. This may turn some people off, but it doesn't last and isn't overpowering, but more comforting! It may not be a moisturiser I use in the day now I'm in Australia, as I'll probably want something lighter, but it's great for dry patches of skin or even as a night cream when some TLC is needed.

I love finding products that are hand made and that you can't find on the shelves of regular shops. Finding skincare in a chocolate museum was certainly the last place I expected to find my next moisturiser!