Friday, 12 June 2015

Korres Skincare

Hi everybody! Today I will be doing a post on Korres, a Greek brand that is doing everything right! Back at Christmas I bought these two gift sets as they were an absolute bargain and I thought the travel sizes would be perfect for my travelling toiletry bag. 

I'll do a separate review on the lovely body care set, but today I am going to focus on the Rose collection.

If you've read my blog before then you will know that I'm a big fan of natural skincare. Korres is a natural brand that keeps out all chemicals and nasty ingredients that damage the skin. Rose is probably one of the best natural ingredients for your skin, as it helps hydrate, reduce redness, and just generally look after your skin.

Another bonus of Rose is the lovely smell you get in all your products. The Japanese Rose body care smells of roses, but on a whole new sophisticated level. The shower gel and body lotion have lasted me an absolute age, and have been on my round the world trip with me up until recently. They have been the perfect duo to transport me back into the world of luxury when I've needed my creature comforts whilst travelling.

The other two items I got in the set have been equally as luxurious but also handy. The rose moisturiser has been the perfect lightweight moisturiser to wear everyday, and the added SPF 6 gives me slight protection whilst adding a summery faint sun cream smell to my moisturiser. 

As well as this, the brightening mask has been another luxury to add into my routine making me one of the most pampered travellers people have come across. This brightening mask just helps brighten the complexion when I've been tired from over travelling, or had some late nights.

As I said, these products have lasted me about 3 months which is fantastic for these sizes. The Korres range is one I really want to try more as their skin care looks beautiful. Keep your eyes peeled for the post on the body care set!