Friday, 19 June 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

The newest addition to Benefit's makeup line is the "Roller Lash" mascara.
Designed to make your lashes look like you've had them in rollers overnight, it aims to add curl and volume.

'They're Real', is benefits number 1 mascara, being one of the most globally popular mascara. With that kind of reputation to uphold, will the 'Roller Lash' beat it on performance?


Firstly, the wand is fairly similar to that of the 'They're Real' mascara. They both have harder plastic bristles as opposed to the bumble bee like wands, however the 'They're Real' bridtles are harder and not as flexible . They both have a curvature so you can get down the very root of the lashes, but I find the results are very different.

 Personally, I think 'Roller Lash' would be a mascara you'd wear everyday. It's light weight, doesn't feel like your wearing anything and gives a more natural look. I think 'Roller Lash' doesn't quite have the same dramatic effects. 

In my opinion though, 'They're Real' isn't a mascara you'd want to wear everyday. I find it creates a really dramatic look, but can feel slightly heavy and clumpy on the lashes. The picture below doesn't show of the effects very well, but the mascara does pick out every lash making them look longer and thicker.

I guess it comes down to the kind of look you want and how you want your eyelashes to feel. 
I find when I wear heavier mascara, I have a tendency to pick at my lashes resulting in them falling out, so 'Roller Lash' for an everyday would be better for me. They both retail at £24.00 so price shouldn't sway your choice.

Have you tried both mascaras? If so, do you think the same as me and if not, why? I'd love to hear your opinions