Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sleek Makeup

3 for 2 deals at Boots really are a great way to nab some bargains. If you saw my Xmas 2014 post, you would have seen that the 'See You At Midnight Palette' was on my list, and for £10 it was an absolute steal! I also needed a new concealer, so thought why not try out Sleek's so then I can recieve a 'Matte Me' lip colour!? I am so glad I did because I have grown to really love these items, and they have become a staple to my makeup regime.

Firstly, the corrector and concealer pallette. This contains a light shade for dark circles, a more skin coloured tone to mask blemishes, and then finally a finishing powder to set it all and make sure it doesn't budge.

This colour is called 'Fandango Purple' and was a free gift when you bought two Sleek products. I am SO glad I picked this up because it is now probably my favourite thing from the three things I got. The matte finish means is does not move at all from your lips all day, and the colour is just so versatile. It's really nice and comfortable, and has a almost velvety finish. I have had a few compliments when wearing this, and I love this berry sort of colour.

Finally, the eyeshadow pallette. I bought this purely for the pomegranate colour because of a video I saw by Emma Pickles where she uses a reddy colour. She uses a strong pigment from a brand called 'Sigma', which can be quite pricey. I am not a confident makeup applier so having something more affordable means I can experiment with colours without wasting my money, plus the pigments are not so bold with this brand.

The video I liked the eye makeup in, is below, even though it is focused on black lipstick. (looks amazing but way out of my comfort zone for the moment)

The rest of the palette has versatile, shimmery nuetrals and a few bluer shades for when your feeling bolder.

For £10.00 this is a great starter palette for experimenting with bolder eye makeup looks, and the other products have made Sleek go way up in my estimations. For a high street brand, this is a great way to get your foot in the door with improving or expanding your makeup skills.