Saturday, 21 February 2015

L'Occitane Almond Range

I am a sucker for the smell of Almond as I am a huge lover of marzipan. When I saw the Almond range from luxury bathing french brand, L'Occitane and took a smell of a few of their products, I knew I had to have them.  You may have seen a few products from the range posted on my 2014 Christmas wishlist post I did. At Christmas they had this little taster set for £20 which contained sample sizes of the entire range. 

After further research on the range, I found out that Almond is actually a firming ingredient and is really good at toning and firming the skin, as well as smelling delicious. The almond shell is really good for toning and contouring the skin, and after a month of using it, skin looks visibly smoother. I'll talk to you about each product from left to right.

So firstly we have the Hand Milk which goes absolutely amazingly with my Jessica Phenomenal oil which also smells of almond and contains almond oil. These two are a match made in heaven as the hand cream seals in all the moisture left from the oil, and is a really good moisturising cream for the hands. It soaks in really quickly too so is good for when your on the go.

Next is the Supple Skin Oil which is a body oil. I prefer to use a dry oil on my skin as I find they absorb a lot quicker so are good for dressing after. This oil is not a dry oil so you can still feel the residue on the skin for a while after. I would only use this on my legs in the summer or before I go to bed at night for an intensive moisturise.

Next is the Milk Concentrate which is another product for the body. This is a thick body cream which is better for the rest of the body as opposed to the oil. It absorbs really quickly and a little bit goes a long way. I love the consistency and regularly apply it to my arms and upper body in the morning as it has 48 hours of moisture to give. It has also won an award for best anti aging body product from the natural beauty bible.

Posed underneath the concentrate is the hand made soap which is a milk soft cream. I don't tend to use soap much but it is a nice addition to the sink and it has a nice creamy lather.

Finally we have the shower oil which is was initially drew me to the range. This has won a ton of awards and it is a really lovely product. When mixed with water, the oil turns into a really light weight milk and is so moisturising on the skin. I absolutely love using this and again a little goes a long way. I have tried to use as little as possible each time so it won't run out, but when it does I think I'll have to invest in a full size.

Have you used any of these products? Are they something you would be interested in?