Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Nails 2015

Happy valentines day everybody! Today's nails are of kisses and roses, both of which I hope you all receive lots of! For this design, I used my nails inc pink called 'Alexa Cashmere' as my base coat. I must also mention this is the polish I used in my other valentine's nail art.

The name cashmere makes me think of a silky smooth finish, but actually the texture of this is fairly rough. After a quick Google, I can confirm that cashmere is actually made up of tiny hairs and resembles a sheeps wool, so yes, that is the kind of finish it leaves which wasn't a problem at all, I just wasn't expecting it!

 I free handed the roses and kisses with a small nail art brush using the same Ciate polish called 'Boudoir' I used in the last post, which I will do a proper swatch of eventually.

Hope you have a lovely day!