Monday, 16 February 2015

Victoria Beckham Nails Inc Polishes

I have long awaited these polishes and now I can finally swatch and show you them, be it a little after the initial hype. Nails Inc collaboration with Victoria Beckham AKA 'Posh Spice' was always going to be very sleek and glamorous. As a fashion designer herself, Victoria Beckham has influenced two very different but versatile and dynamic polishes.

The bottles themselves are a thing of beauty on their own, with a matte finish and peek a boo side panels to show you the colour. The black and white are very simple, and classic.

Firstly we have 'Judo Red' which I think is actually more orange toned, especially on my skin. This is the colour for more wow factor and more party look. It has a beautiful glossy finish and is so much more than a classic red. It gets heads turning straight away, and I imagine VB wouldn't have it any other way.

Secondly, we have this white is called 'Bamboo White' and it. is. stunning. I thought this would be the more underwhelming colour but words cannot describe this colour. It is so pretty and not like your normal tipex bright white. It has an almost pinky/ivory/cream undertone and it looks so chic and beautiful on. My best friend actually wants this as her wedding colour so you know it has the impact!

At £25.00 each these polishes certainly don't come cheap. I certainly can't afford them going travelling in two weeks so I had to try them on in my lunch break at work and take pictures at home (trampy I know!!)  They do have high shine and a flawless coverage though, so you get what you pay for. If you want the Judo Red punch but can't quite splurge that much, I know 'Amsterdam' by Mavala is a very close match and is a lot more affordable £4.75. However that white is a little more special and I can't think of a match for that, maybe just treat yourself to such an angelic polish!

I am wearing the 'Judo Red' to show the similarity. Look at the shine!

Do you think £25.00 is an extortionate amount to spend on nail varnish or are these too good to miss?