Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Ren Instant Firming Beauty Shot

Ren's latest addition to the 'Keep Young and Beautiful' range is the firming beauty shot. More of a treatment product, this product claims to be like a face lift in a bottle. It aims to makes the skin feel instantly firmer and tighter, and can be used under or over makeup.

I received this little sample from work, and have been using it for a few days. From other reviews I've read, it is meant to slot into your daily skincare routine, and works with all the other products you use. The product contains Hyaluronic acid which makes your skin retain more water, therefore making it look plumper and feeling more hydrated. It also acts as a barrier so free radicals can't damage your skin. It works with all your other skincare so aims to magnify the moisturising effects from everything else you use.

I feel by itself, it has quite a mattifying effect and has a primer feel to it, so I really like this product under makeup, however the texture is like a serum so works best under a moisturiser so it can retain all the moisture to your skin. I have not tried it on top of makeup which it claims you can do, but I imagine it is perfect if your heading out and want to freshen up.

As for firming the skin, I definitely felt the skin on my forehead and around my eyes feel tighter, (in a good way not a dry way). This product retails at £36.00, for more information click here