Monday, 23 May 2016

Cloud Nails


Hello everyone, today's nails are inspired from the 'iScream nails' nail art book I got when I was in Melbourne.
These little cloud nails are so cute so I felt like these should be the first nails I do from the book.

I love the colour scheme they used so I copied it exactly. I started off using a baby blue. I used my blueberry scented Model's Own polish as a base. As the purple is a pastel colour I first used a pastel purple however this did not show up at all. It is better to use a darker colour than will fade into a pastel shade when it is blended with the pastel blue. I went for my Michael Kors polish called 'Envy'.

It was tempting to leave the manicure as it is because it is sch a pretty ombre, however I knew the little clouds would just top it off. With a nail art pen, I painted thick blobs onto my dotting tool and did clusters of dots to form clouds. At first, mine all looked the same so I went back and made them more irregular shapes which looked much more effective.

I absolutely LOVE this manicure. It is so cute and simple and can be really easily recreated. Watch out for more recreations from the iScream nails book because there are some great designs in there! If only I had the actual iScream Nails polish too!