Thursday, 5 May 2016

Turning Myself into Snapchat Filters

I will be the first one to admit that I have arrived so late to the Snapchat party it's unreal! Having only just got it back after a failed first try, my friend pointed out that I have missed out on 13 months of amazing snap chat stories from my travels. Besides the wasted opportunity to brag, I have found myself opening Snapchat excitedly every day to see what new filters it has in store for that day.
If you follow me (stephlooker) then you will tend to just usually see me trying on every single filter and having a giggle to myself.
One particular favourite of mine is this bejeweled beauty.

One thing I love about these filters is that you can be sat there with no makeup on and look fantastic because the makeup looks fairly realistic!
This diamond eyes look got my creative juices flowing and I thought as festival season is coming up, this would be a great look to wear when you don't have concealer to hand to cover up those 3-days-of-no-sleep dark circles.

For my look, I did put makeup on underneath just to replicate the dark eyes, pink cheeks and lips. I used all the products below, and used eyelash glue as the adhesive to attach the little gems I had. I was given these as a gift so can't say where they are from but if you go onto any nail art suppliers, costume or craft shops, I'm sure you could find them there.

I made the mistake of wearing skin makeup when I recreated this look which made the gems and glue harder to stick to my face. This is another reason why this look would be great at a festival as you just need clean bare skin for it to last.

Using tweezers, I picked up the gems and made a vague triangle outline over the area I wanted the gems, and then I filled it in using green, white, yellow and purple gems.

Although the gems in the filter are slightly chunkier, these lasted for ages and have a more delicate look.

I wore my Clinique chubby stick in watermelon and then really rosey'd up my cheeks and this is the finished look!

I can see myself doing more Snapchat filter looks in the future so let me know if you have any suggestions! There is also the pop art tear look that reminds me of a look a did a while ago now.

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