Monday, 6 February 2017

What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Hi everyone! I cannot believe it is February 2017 already! The beginning to my year has been a bit of a blur however my 26th Birthday falls in January so that always makes things a little brighter (would have loved a mid year birthday though, Thanks Mum and Dad).

I am usually a bit of an ambiguous person when it comes to gifts, and usually let people buy me what they want, however this year there was some stuff I really wanted so actually made a list which I haven't done in years. For some reason I feel like it's rude and a bit presumptuous to make a list, but I know whenever I go to buy presents, I would love the person to just tell me what they want.
Makin a list however, meant I got some really lovely gifts, and I thought I'd show you them as they're quite fitting with my blog because I am a proper beauty junkie and will never have enough products. Ever.

So first up is the Molecule fragrance 01, and I absoluetly love this. It has become huge that I am sure you have probably heard of it. If you haven't however, this fragrance is designed to blend in with your natural scent. You know when you go to a friends house or borrow their clothes, it always has that distinct 'them' smell. Well this blends with that, so this fragrance will never smell the same on anyone.

As for the smell, we all now I have a terrible track record of trying to describe smells, but this is quite musty and woody and whenever I smell it on someone, I always go out of my way to compliment them because it is such a good conversation starter.

They say because it mixes with your own scent that you can't smell, that the molecule is quite week, and to layer it with the matching 'Escentric' fragrance, however I can smell the 01 on me perfectly and I love it so much.

There is also a 02, 03, and they will shortly be bringing out the 04 which I am beyond excited to smell.


Next is such a beautiful present I could have cried when I opened it.
So a little back story... when I went travelling with my boyfriend last year, we did indeed stop in Byron Bay, the momst chilled and wonderful place in Australia. On leaving, I discovered a nail varnish brand that is made in Byron Bay which has the most gorgeous drift wood like lids, and it's a really cool sustainable brand.

Fast forward a year on, and my lovely boyfriend ordered some of the polishes all the way from Australia for my birthday, along with a few extras.

The whole idea behind this brand just makes me smile, and the nail varnish remover is made from soy so is completely chemical scent free. The nail file is really gentle and the poilishes are to die for, I'm just gutted I can't buy more!

The colour my boyfriend got me is called 'Gypsy' and to me, it just sums up Byron Bay in a colour. The teal glittery colour takes me back to my first surf lesson in Byron, and just looking at it makes me so happy.
The blue base coat is sticky so the polish stays on for longer, and he also got me a top coat and a cuticle oil.


I can always rely on my Beauty retail girls to pull gifts out the bag, and my best bud Sophie spoiled me as per usual!

Just opening the classic maroon and rose gold box, I knew it could only mean one thing... Charlotte Tilbury.
Now I haven't actually tried any Charlotte Tilbury makeup, and as my best friend is my number one fan, she had seen it had never featured on my blog so I obviously needed to try some!

The main event is yet to come but the lovely luxury size samples that went in are so exciting, and a really indulgent addition to the gift!

My friend got me the Dolce Vita eye palette, as she thought the colours would suit me (n'aw)

This palette is BEAUTIFUL and I had a hard time bringing myself to use it as it is perfection.

The look can be worn casually using the two top colours, or if you want to go full on Penelope Cruz Dulce Vita Charlotte suggests amping up the drama and using all four colours.
I watched this YouTube tutorial to see how Charlotte does it herself.


Another bit of makeup I recieved was this Mac Lipstick from my sisters in the shade 'Ruby Woo'. I am an absolute sucker for a red lip and actually have a few red ones from Mac, however this is the colour that always wins awards, and it is more of a blue toned red which goes well with fairer skin.

It's a matte finish and I love it.
Another gift from my scrumptious little sisters is my L'Occitane Almond shower oil.

I think I have talked about this brand before but this oil smells divine, and as a marzipan lover, I could bask in it all day long.

The oil formula means it is super hydrating  and goes onto the skin in this form, however once mixed with water it turns into a really light cream, and a little goes a long way. It means you don't have to moisturise after the shower, because all that moisture is locked in already.

Finally, you may have noticed some little additions in the back of my pictures, and in true blogger style I have a little trio of succulents. My boyfriend also got these from me, and they're from a little place in Soho called 'Barry the Cactus', and I just love the concrete pots they come in.

Expect to see a lot of them in Instagram posts in the future.