Friday, 26 May 2017

St Tropez Tanning Sheet Mask

If like me, you have been stuck in an office all week while the sun blazes outside in Britain, you may want to cheat a bit of summer glow, as we head into the bank holiday weekend. I thought it would be a great time to share my experience with the New St Tropez Tanning Sheet Masks.

This was a product that I saw advertised, and just knew I had to try straight away. I am someone who would not consider themselves a tan addict, and especially someone who doesn't use tan on their face, but something about the idea of using a sheet mask and tan really appealed to me.

I ordered them offline straight away, and got 2 packs because I wasn't sure if they would be tricky to master, so a back up pack was necessary. One pack retails at £15 and contains 2 masks. 
This is a little steep when you could use a regular tan on the face, however this mask is specially designed to hug each contour on the face and promises to give naturally bronzed and hydrated glowy skin.

Remove all makeup and cleanse your skin before applying the mask, and do not use an oil cleanser as the tan will not sink into the skin properly. Once you've opened the pack, unfold and peel back the plastic from the mask and line it up with your face.
It is a very big mask, so I would suggest working your way from the forehead down, and tucking any excess under the chin. It is infused with a tanning serum so it is quite slippery and hard to manouvere, but once it's on, it wont slip about.
It does say to smooth the mask as much as possible without creases, but with it being quite a large mask, it is nearly impossible too get a completely smooth finish.
The real knack of a even tan with this mask is rubbing in the serum afterwards, so I wouldn't worry too much about small creases.
Whilst on, I sat and relaxed as the pack recommends, however my only discomfort with the mask was that it overlapped my lip line slightly, and it was really quite uncomfortable and stingy! Try to avoid the lip area at all costs, it won't tan them but it doesn't feel or taste that great!
After a while, I was really quite nervous and started to wonder why this technique of tanning hadn't been done before. St Tropez are the first brand to try encorporate sheet masks with tanning, and with fair eyebrows, and a white blonde hairline, I had visions of an orange ring around the sides of my face, and began to panic a little.
The mask recommends 5 minutes for a light tan, through to 15 minutes for an intense bronze. As I was starting to worry, I went for a solid 10 minutes and peeled it off to check my hair was still blonde.
Thankfully, all was good, and I rubbed in the serum efficiently as suggested. Also make sure you do go into the hair line and around the ears, and also all around the neck, to avoid white bits and lines and do not forget wto wash your hands or they will get the full force of tan!
The tan takes 8 hours to develop like any other fake tan, so I would recommend doing it just before bed.

The result? A very natural looking tan that didn't stain my hair at all. My skin did feel really soft which is due to the infusion of hydrating hyaluronic acid in the mask. I also found it didn't have an orange tinge like some tan. Even as a very fair person, it gave me a caramel tan which is the colour I go when I see some sun anyway.

I will certainly be using these masks again, as after just 5 minutes, you are on your way to natural glowy skin!