Thursday, 25 May 2017

Summer Fragrances

If you live in the UK, then you will be able to join me when rejoicing that our Summer finally looks like it is on it's way! The sunshine we have had the last few days, mixed with my holiday hen do to Marbella last week, has well and truly got me in the spirit of summer.

Something I have become particulalry obsessed with recently is fragrance, especially as the weather hots up. You don't want to smell like a sweaty mess, and I find warm skin brings out the best in a perfume so I have chosen my top 3 summer fragrances that I love to wear in this beautiful season.

I also posted my Marbs fragrance over on my instagram so go and see what that one was, and whilst you're there, check out my holiday snaps and give me a follow!

Neroli Portofino, Tom Ford, EDP 100ml £193.50

First up, is the beautiful Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. Tom Ford fragrances are known for being quite heady and aromatic, however this portofino range is so fresh and floral. I absoutly love the smell of Neroli (which is Orange Blossom flower, not to be confused with orange), and would go as far to say it is my favourite ingredient for fragrance.
They say that smell can transport you back to any memory, and whilst I've never actually been to Portofino (It's on the bucket list), you really get the esscene of being in a glamourous Italian sea side town, sipping wine whilst looking over the sea.
Whilst the top notes are predominantly fresh and citrussy, with ingredients such as bergamot, lemon and lavender, this is a Tom Ford fragrance, so it was never going to be purely fresh.
The middle notes are African orange flower, jasmine, and of course the neroli. The base has a slightly musky undertone, but this is a beautiful fragrance for both men and women who aspire to be a chic Italian.
Ciao Bella!

 Aventus for Her, Creed, 75ml, £225

Next is the hugely anticipated Aventus for Her, which hit shelves this time last year. With Aventus being the most popular men's fragrance for Creed, they finally brought out the female counterpart which is equally amazing.
On first smell, the fragrance is quite sweet. With notes of apple, bergamot, pink pepper and violet, you'd be led to believe that this was going to be the total opposite of the original men's Aventus.
As citrussy ingredients tend to evaporate faster, very quickly you begin to get a sense of the depth in this fragrance, with sandalwood and styrax on the dry down, however more floral notes of rose also start to come through.
After a couple of hours or so, you are left with a fabulous, sophisticated smell on the skin, made up of peach, blackcurrant, ylang ylang and amber. It lasts on the skin all day and is a perfect day to night fragrance for someone who wants to make more of an impact with their fragrance.

 Fico di Amalfi, Aqua Di Parma, 150ml, £93

Finally, we are heading back over to Italy for the Aqua di Parma, Fico di Amalfi.
Simiarly to Tom Ford, the 'Blu Mediterraneo' range breaks the mold from the typical yellow boxes of the recognisable brand. Each fragrance could transport you all along the coasts of Italy, with these beautiful bursts of Summer.
Described as being "the Italian breeze from the Mediterranean" Fico di Amalfi contains orange, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin, which make for a very fruity initial scent. The middle notes give the fragrance more depth with pink pepper, jasmine, and of course, the fig.
Fig, again, is one of those ingredients that I absoluelty love. However, I find fig can either be really green smelling, or really fresh. I prefer the latter!
Thankfully, this fig is beautiful, and my favourite fig frangrance of all time. It almost has a coconutty esscense to it, which makes it even more summery.
What gives it that creamy smell, is the fig milk in the base notes, mixed with musk and ceder to give it the perfect edge and sophistication.

So there you have my favourite Summer fragrances!

Now I'm off to go and look at trips to Italy...