Monday, 24 July 2017

Models Own 'One Night Stand' Mirror Manicure

Hello everyone and welcome to my post about a polish I have been SO excited about!

If truth be told, It was actually Ciate who first started advertising their mirror manicure a few months ago, and I was adamant that I would be first in line to get my hands on one. Whilst they kept teasing it on social media, release dates weren't being confirmed and I was getting really impatient.

Suddenly one day on instagram, Models Own annouced that they had formulated their own mirror manicure and it would be coming out on the following Friday! Perfect. I even wrote the date in my diary so I could snap it up as soon as it was released.

After purchasing the Models Own polish, a few minutes after the release, Ciate then dropped the bomb that THEIR mirror manicure would also be released the same day! Maybe some kind of embargo was droppped?

I would love to get the Ciate mirror manicure to see if they are similar or if one is better than the other, however the Ciate polish has sold out and they have not said when they will be getting it back in so for now, I will just show you the Models Own mirror manicure.

After that slight ramble, lets go through what I actually ordered.

The Mirror manicure called 'One Night Stand' is £14.99 and it comes as two parts. 

I haven't tried the metal polish without the 2 in 1 base and top coat so not sure if this step is vital to the final look, however it must have some kind of property to keep the metal coat in place. The base coat looks quite milky, but it does dry very fast. You have to wait for the base to be completely dry before you add the actual mirror polish which literally looks like melted silver. 

Putting on the metal coat is really easy and you get full coverage from one coat. It is best not to overlay the coats as you starts to get a slightly stripey look, but it looks so amazing as you put it on!

Once this layer is done, you are a little scared to put on the milky coat again as it looks so amazing straight away! The milky coat does dry clear so make sure you add it to make your mirror manicure last.

And the final look...

This just looks so amazing and it really does reflect like a mirror! Here it is in natural light which looks best and then with flash on in the image below.

So after just a couple of days wear, there are a couple of downsides already! 
Firstly, the top coat really does keep the shine to the nail so make sure you apply. It does state that after 6 hours the shine will fade, and I find it peels.
Whilst it is actually still pretty reflective, you can definitly see where the top coat has peeled.
The other down side is this polish does chip quite easily especially at the tips of the nails.

I did a quick black outline of the nails to combat this and think it looks pretty industrial.

Other than that, it is safe to say that this manicure looks amazing!

As a little free gift with the mirror polish, Models Own threw in a free metallic eyeshadow which I had a little play with over the weekend.

The eyeshaow is a paste consistency and you mix it in the dish with the primer to get a sort of liquid metal cream which you can apply with a brush.

I had a little play around with my baby sis and went for quite a dramatic cut crease and this was the final look.

Find the link to the Models Own Mirror Manicure here