Saturday, 29 July 2017

My Favourite Summer Lipsticks

Lipstick has recently become my favourite beauty statement maker only in the last few years, and this time of year you can get away with a really bright lip, or a sultry dark lip. Summer is also a really good time to experiment with colour, so this post will be about my favourite lipsticks that I am wearing this season.

'True Coral' by Tom Ford

I cannot afford Tom Ford but I got this little sample size lipstick in 'True Coral' which I have had for a while. It is a really strong colour so you don't need much of it and it is a really pretty coral. 

Lancome Colours

The colour below is called 'Rose Sortilege' by Lancome, but is actually discontinued now. This is a deep berry colour that can be built up.

Luckily they have brought out a new colour that is pretty much a perfect match and is from the Rouge in Love range. I don't know the name of the colour but its number is 379N.

Pictured below is me wearing this colour at wireless festival a few Years ago. The picture doesn't show up the colour fantastically, but you can definitely see it is a darker colour to what I usually go for.

'Relentlessly Red' by Mac

This is THE BEST COLOUR EVER. It is the perfect festival lipstick as the colour is so bright and it lasts all stay. No matter how much beer or cider you drink, it will stay put. This is a matte finish lipstick by Mac so it does tend to dry the lips out. I find another coat of this soothes the dryness but don't go over board or you get a bobbly finish. Ideally it is not the best texture but the colour is so insane I can't fault it.

This lipstick looks so much better in real life as you can see the neon-y finish much clearer, but here I am sporting this lipstick at BST festival. I also wore it all of Glastonbury and it is constantly in my handbag.

'Mightiest Maraschino' Chubby Stick by Clinique

I have blogged about this Chubby Stick before but it is another of my staple red lip colours so it has to go on my list. I am fair skinned so I should go for bluer toned reds to compliment my skin. I certainly do not obey that rule as I will buy any red lipstick I like the look of, but this one definitely suits my skin tone as it is more cool. As it is an extreme chubby the pigment is much stronger than the usual sheer chubbys.

Laqa & Co Lip Lube

This is what I meant above when I was saying experiment with colour. I would never have thought I would be the sort of girl to rock a purple lipstick, but lo and behold I have and I absolutely love it as well. This Lip Lube got in my Birchbox was the perfect push to get me to try out a bold lip colour, and since getting it, I have gone out and purchased a few purple toned colours.

I find this lip colour looks best with really soft pink eye makeup, so you haven't got a 'gothy' look about you.

Have you got any summer must have lipsticks?