Thursday, 24 January 2013

Aromatherapy Associates

So the last few days I have really felt the snowy British weather and have been feeling slightly sorry for myself! To sort this out, I decided to use my Aromatherapy associates 'Deep Relax' bath oil to chase away my winter blues.

I ran myself a hot bath, lit some candles and some incense and poured myself a glass of wine! It was sooooo nice and found myself relaxed very quickly! The 'Relax Deep' oil is rumoured to make you feel like you've drank a bottle of wine and having had a glass already, I felt quite chilled afterwards! The oil feels really nice on the skin and leaves you feeling really soft. I was slightly annoyed at myself for lighting some incense as it masked the amazing smell of the oil which is made from sandalwood, vetivert which is a natural sedative  and camomile which is renowned for its calming effects. I will definitely use the bath oils again, and experiment with the different 'flavours' they have. They provide ones that revive you, de-stress you, and just generally give you an excuse to have 20 mins to yourself. If you really don't have the time though the oils are so versatile that you could just rub some on your pulse points or put some in a bowl of hot water to scent your room. A large bottle of the oil is £37.00 or you can get an award winning miniature set of all the oils for £30.00 which, according to Vogue 

"The quality of oil and and pleasing blends are beyond compare, and oh how we love the convenient 3ml size" - Vogue

Aromatherapy Associates pride themselves on having the highest concentration of essential oils on the market and for using 100% natural ingredients. They use the highest quality ingredients and have one loads of awards, including the 2013 In style beauty awards, with the 'Relax Deep' being the awarded product. Aromatherapy Associates also do a skincare range, haircare and also scented candles. The relax deep oil I used also has a matching body wash and lotion, if you really want to go all out. The Aromatherapy Associates philosophy is very much about the mind, body and soul, and that is reflected in their sensuous products. They currently have a sale on their website at the moment so I will leave a link and let you explore ... your welcome

*I was given these products to test by the company, as I was fully trained on their brand and products.