Monday, 7 January 2013

Elemental Herbology - Facial Glow

Elemental Herbology is a “naturally active results” brand , meaning their aim is to use natural ingredients from all around the world, but to have effects on the skin that you can actually see. I used the Elemental Herbology Facial Glow, which is a radiance peel and aims to make the skin look more radiant.

Facial Glow - 30ml

The peel had a thick exfoliate texture, and smelt pleasant and slightly of oranges. It says to target between the forehead and the décolleté area (which is neck and chest to you and me) and to apply onto damp skin. After leaving on for 4-5 mins, I washed of the peel with warm water and wipes. Although my skin was not immediately visibly more radiant, it felt clean and refreshed. I have dry skin and have to use moisturiser after most products used on my face, and found I particularly had to lather on the moisturiser after using this product, but found once moisturised my skin looked slightly cleaner and had more of a glow than it did before. The product clearly states that a hydrator with a high SPF must be used after use of the product as it contains hydroxy acid, which increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Priced at £39.00 a pot, I think this is quite reasonable for a high end skin-care, not only that but when you visit their website, they have a lot of online offers to get you started such as 20% your favourite product when you register. I have yet to try a few more products from the range and am excited to see what else it can offer.

*I was given these products to test by the company, as I was fully trained on their brand and products.