Monday, 14 January 2013

Leather and Stud Nails

For christmas my mum got me the Nails Inc leather effect nail kit. You apply a base colour coat and then 2 coats of the leather effect onto the nail. It dries into a crinkly and realistic leather effect. They also do it in tan but I prefer the black.

They provide some little diamante skulls but I had already planned on using some small studs to get the leather jacket effect. I bought my nail studs from where you can buy a bag of about 35 studs for £1.50! I think that is brilliant value and they have a huge variety to choose from! 

I used the Nails Inc nail glue provided which is super strong and lasted well, 
but had a bit of trouble putting on the studs straight, so need some more practice! I really like the look though and will definitely be trying it again soon. It looks really cool, but is a nightmare for running fingers through your hair as they get a little stuck!