Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jessica - Spring 2013 collection

Apologies for doing three nail posts in a row but when I got to work this morning, the new Jessica Spring 2013 collection was waiting so I had to share! (please forgive my peeling nails in the swatches, I am on the road to using some treatments and will blog about those at a later date!)

The Spring collection is called 'It's a Girl Thing' and has the intention of being "fresh, flirty and fun". All the colours are very light and slightly shimmery, and are very girly, pretty colours.

Alia - Sun-Kissed Beauty

This vibrant orange colour screams out to be worn on a warm sunny day. It is bold and bright and would look great painted on toes in a nice pair of sandels.

Sophia - True Blue

This cool blue colour reminds me of a clear blue summer's sky, and I think is my favourite from the collection. It is a versatile colour for both day and night and I think it looks very on trend and chic.

Amira - Smitten Kitten

Smitten Kitten is a fun and playful hot pink. Would look great on the beach and adds an energetic flash of colour. I think this needs to be worn on a hot summer's day.

Nadia - Sterling Queen

Sterling queen is advertised as the older ladies choice of colour for a fun summer look. It is sophisticated but adds a touch of sparkle to both day wear and night wear.

Ava - New Kid in Town

This pastel purple colour is youthful and sweet. It is a more laid back violet colour which would look great on a summer's evening. I must say my picture does not do the colour justice!

Alexis - Ruby Empress

This colour is a bit of a chameleon, in some lights it looks pink, in others deep red, and it also looks coral as well. One of the deeper more sexy colours, it is a great alternative from your standard red polish.

*I do not own these nail colours. They belong to my workplace where I have permission to photograph and review the stock. Due to this I have not seen the colours worn.