Monday, 25 February 2013

Dead Sea Spa

I have been really excited about reviewing this brand, because I absolutely love it! I will give you a little background history on the company before I review the actual products, so you can see why I love them so much.

SO... Dead Sea Spa is a family business which started in 1998, and so is still a relatively young company. It is a company based in Goudhurst in Kent which is close to where I live, so think that could contribute as to why I have a little soft spot for it! The company also claim to be a friendly company which I can vouch for, as the representatives I have dealt with, have always been so funny and lovely, and have a real passion for the products. Dead Sea Spa products are fantastic for problematic skin such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as being a real luxury.

As you may or may not know, the dead sea lies between Israel and Jordan and is 8.6 saltier than the ocean. It attracts tourists from all over the world due to its effects on skin, as you can lie on the water as it is so dense from the salt concentration. Not only that, it is 423 meteres below sea and is therefore the lowest elevation on earth, which is why it contains all the amazing minerals that they put in their products. The Dead Sea Spa believe that the quickest way to put minerals into the body is by doing so through your skin. All the ingredients are natural so by feeding your skin these minerals, you are also helping yourself on the inside. Now the science-y bit is over, I will now tell you my top 3 dead sea spa products!

Number 3 - Cleansing wash/ soap

The cleansers are a easy to use solution for cleansing. I have also given this to my boyfriend to use, and his skin has become visibly clearer and his pores tightened. It is perfect for blackheads and other spot problems, and it is also good to note that it is a unisex brand! It smells really clean and fresh rather than flowery, and leaves skin feeling clean and revitalised! Personally, my skin feels slightly tight after use but it is nothing that my number 1 product can't help.

Number 2 - Salt Brushing

Once you have used this salt brushing, you will never use another body exfoliator. Applied to dry skin, the salt rubs away dead skin and leaves an oily layer that makes you skin feel amazing! It is like you have brand new skin. Again, the smell is fresh and spa like, and feels like a real luxury product. I should note for health and safety though, that as it is an oily product you should be careful when getting out the bath or shower, as it can be a bit slippery! Also not good to use before fake tanning as it is oil based, but otherwise, perfect!

Number 1  - Rich Moisturiser

This moisturiser is my savior. I suffer from slight eczema and a real dryness around my nose in winter, and have real trouble finding products that aren't too thick, but give me optimum moisture. Within a week of using this moisturiser, it had completely cleared up, and I haven't bought another moisturiser since. It is a fresh smelling moisturiser which also doubles up as a great makeup base as well. It absorbs really quickly and leaves your skin with a smooth primer finish. I would recommend this to everyone, and it is also only around £7.00 so really affordable!

The brand has won tons of awards and celebrities like Caprice and Victoria Beckham have praised the products! Not only are these products fantastic, they are so unbelievably affordable! You will have trouble finding something in their brand for more than £30.00. They have a solution for every skin type, and also have a hair care range as well. I will be reviewing more products from this range at a later date! If you like the sound of Dead Sea Spa, or want to have a look into some of their spas, then here is their website

*I was given these products to test by the company, as I was fully trained on their brand and products.