Monday, 18 February 2013


A few weeks ago, I told you I had been doing a course for the Swiss nail company Mavala in order to become a professional manicurist. It was hard work but I enjoyed every second and I found out last week I passed my exam and am now a professional nail technician :)
Sporting my Mavala T shirt
As you can imagine, I have been working very closely with all of their products, and thought I would share some of my favourite products with you, and how to use them so you can get the full benefit of them. So here are my top 3 Mavala products!

In third place I have the Lightening scrub mask.

 This is perfect for nails that have been subjected to lots of nail polish and no base coat, causing them to be discoloured and yellow. The scrub comes with a cute little nail brush, which you use on the nail to exfoliate the surface. To be used weekly, the scrub contains diatomaceous earth which are tiny shells of microscopic seaweed, which gently exfoliate the nail plate, and cuticles. It also contains lemon extract which brightens up the nail leaving it smooth, strong and bright.

In second place is Nailactan and Mava-flex (2 products, similar job)

Like your face, nails need moisture to remain flexible and strong. Nailactan does just this, as it feeds the nail plate all the amino acids and keratin that make up the nail, and lets them look healthy and nourished. Like a facial moisturiser, Nailactan should be used daily, and works best on bare nails, although it can penetrate through enamel. Alternatively,  Mava-flex works like a facial serum, and goes down to the deeper layers of the nail. A new step in the Mavala manicures is to apply Mava-flex before applying nail colour which may seem strange as it is an oily substance. However the nail drinks up the serum in seconds and with a quick wipe of a tissue you would never have known it was there, so you can continue applying your base coat and colour. Mava-flex is great before applying nail colour as it keeps the nail nourished while is has the colour on.

First place..... Oil Seal Dryer

Oil seal dryer is a fantastic little invention which is applied gently after the top coat, to leave nails touch dry in a few seconds. It REALLY does work and you can also use it quite liberally as the oil moisturises the cuticles whilst its there. A must for anyone who has no time to sit and wait for nails to dry!

Whilst I'm here, I also thought I'd show you the array of colours Mavala have to offer. They have every colour in every kind of shade!

I am certainly not done using these products so look out in the future for some more posts on Mavala!