Thursday, 22 September 2016

Ogario Hair Care

I have been really excited to write about this, as I feel I have taken a small part in the journey of this brand, and therefore it has a little place in my heart.

 Ogario is made by Rachael and Norris Ogario, and is still a relatively small brand. Norris has a clear passion for hair, and is a hairdresser in his own salon in the Islington area. He and Rachael have decided to embark on the exciting journey of creating their own hair products, which they have tried and tested on the customers in the salon.

I have met both Rachael and Norris, as the came into Fenwick Tunbridge Wells to launch their brand and to educate us on their products. They both clearly have so much passion for their products and really do believe in them. We are the very first store to have Ogario, but you can now find them in a lot of Planet Organic stores and Wholefoods in London. They also sell online but want to keep their niche reputation. Even though it is a small company, they have won loads of awards and have been mentioned in the infamous Beauty Bible. This has really worked in Ogario's favour, as the products have flown off the shelves in Fenwicks, and customers interest in the brand continues to grow.

They wanted their products to be natural and have long term benefits for the hair, and so have made three ranges: Hydrate and Shine, Revive and Shine, and Restore and Shine. Apart from the Restore Range which consists of their only mask, the other two ranges have a shampoo and conditioner in both large and travel sizes.

The Revive and Shine range is better for people with thinner hair, and it aims to boost the hair and add shine. The shampoo smells so delicious, a bit like sweets!

As I have very thick hair that is prone to dryness and damage, I have been using the Hydrate and Shine range, along with the Restore mask. The hydrate range is great for people with dry, damaged hair, or for colour treated hair.

Starting with the shampoo, this foams up really nicely and washes the hair beautifully. It has Moringa in it which is a hydrating ingredient that can be found in things such as the Emma Hardie Cleanser. You don't need much of the product at all, and the honey gives it it's silky caramel constistency. It has a very natural scent, with a hint of spice to it which is really energising.

The conditioner is really really thick and has genuinely transformed the condition of my hair. Since using this, my hair has been so much more managable, and my ends haven't been as tangled and knotted. This has Marshmallow in which instantly makes it sounds delicious, but it is actually a herb that has super hydrating properties. Again the scent of this is fairly spicy but it has a real sweetness to it aswell.

Finally, the award winning Restore and Shine mask. I've just recently had my hair cut so want to keep the ends hydrated to the max with this product! This is the product that really got Ogario noticed, and it can be found in the natural beauty bible. This is to be applied to partially dry hair, so towel dry your hair after shampooing. I apply this to the lengths of my hair and leave it on for about 10 minutes. It smells like Lemon sherbert and is so zesty and fresh! It leaves my hair feeling really boosted and soft.

I highly recommend trying this brand as they use all natural ingredients and it has really improved the condition of my hair as well as lasting me ages! The price points are really reasonable and the little travel sizes and jet sets would make perfect gifts for someone! Find out more about the brand using he link below.