Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Ren Hydro Boost

As a huge fan of Ren products, when I saw that they needed testers for their new product that was under wraps, I knew I wanted to get a sneak peak of what they had in store. I had to email them telling them which products I used and why I loved them so much. While a one product answer would have sufficed, I think I wrote a five page essay on the tens of products I had tried, and how they had dramatically changed my skin.

Sure enough, a few days later, a package turned up and my door, and there wrapped in cute sparkly blue paper was the Ren Hydro Boost, a never before seen full sized product just for me! I thought I would get a small sample size so was delighted that I had the product as it would appear on shelves.

Although the product can be used by all skin types, I was really happy that the product targeted skin's hydration, as mine has been particularly parched recently with all the sun we've been having.

The flash hydro boost goes on after cleansing and before your usual skin care. You rub the cream onto the skin and then wet your finger tips and massage to activate the hydro boost. The first thing to mention about this product is the amazing smell. It smells clean, and purifying which is exactly the ethos of Ren.

I find the product soaks in really quickly, and makes my skin feel instantly plumper and more comfortable. I find my makeup goes on nicely afterwards due to the soft and plumpness to my skin, and the long term effects mean I have been seeing less fine lines.

I read in the Guardian the other day that Sali Hughes was a little let down by the product. She said it "throws a chalky cast over the skin (I don't even need to experiment to know that on a woman of colour it would be a disaster)" because of this chalky residue. 

I can honestly say I haven't found that at all, and that the product completely soaks in so long as enough water is added to the fingertips when massaging in, therefore anyone of any skin tone could use this product as it almost turns to water which is absorbed instantly. I can only think that she hadn't used enough water to activate the cream to water consistency needed to make the product work at its absolute best.

I have loved adding this new step into my cleansing and moisturing routine, and think that this will have to become a permanent product in day to day life. This product is £34.00 however you only need one pump of the product for it to work it's magic and after a couple of months it is still going strong!