Sunday, 11 September 2016

Skin Laundry Express Laser Facial

You may have seen on my Instagram story that on Tuesday, I was lucky enough to be invited into Liberty to try out the Skin Laundry Laser Facial.

As the brand has only just launched in Liberty, I was excited to see what it was about.
I have never had laser on any part of my body, so to have it on my face for the first time was a little intense.

The brand itself is American, and is meant to be about the perfect Californian glow-y surfer girl complexion. Aesthetically, I love the image of the brand, and the clean sharp packaging looks like something I would love to have in my bathroom. They also have some really cool tote bags which I have my eyes on, as not only is it a handy bag, but the brand logo doubles up as my initials too so I fancy carrying one of those around.

The 'Skin Laundry' counter itself is really nice. I love the earthy driftwood style the counter has, and the facial menu is up on the wall so you can see what you're letting yourself in for.

Like any treatment, there are contraindications to the facial, especially one which features laser, so make sure you turn up early to go through the checking in process for first timers, as there are a few questions to answer.
After that, you're good to go, and your therapist will escort you up 2 floors to the treatment room.

The rooms reflect the counter with a driftwood wall, and also a cool personalised skin laundry surf board.

As with most treatments again, you will have to remove your face makeup, however you can keep on any eye make up as you wear goggles throughout the whole treatment.

The first part of the treatment is the YAG laser, which dissolves any dirt on you're face and clears any congestion. It also reduces pigmentation  and promotes collagen so you get a more youthful complexion The feeling was like hot spitting rain on my face, or almost a bit like intense pins and needles, but it didn't hurt at all. She tested it on my hand before so I knew what to expect. The only time I felt most sensitive was on the upper lip and around my nose where I have sensitive skin due to eczema.
The only other disconcerting factor during this part is the burning smell, but the lady confirmed that it happens to everyone and it is simply the smell of the dirt being removed from your face and dissolving.

After this, you have the IPL light, which even with eyes shut and through the goggles, is like a little fireworks display. This is what gives your skin an instant glow, and the therapist holds the light over your face, with intervals of bright flashes which you can't feel at all.

After the light, they wipe on a cooling gel and leave it for a few minutes. After that, they wipe it off and that's it! You're done! 15 minutes later you leave with a glowier, cleaner, and more youthful complexion than when you went in.

Despite the sensitivity around my nose and mouth, I feel the treatment actually worked best on that area, as the red blotchiness I tend to get around my nose was completely gone straight after the treatment. In fact any redness or discoloration was completely gone, which is one of the desired effects from the treatment.

Left: before treatment with pigmentation and red blotchiness.
Right: After treatment a day later with a more even skin tone.
Not only this, but another instant effect I saw was that any congestion or spots I had were instantly brought to the surface and especially the remnants of hormonal spots I had on my chin had instantly turned into white heads, so if you're thinking about getting the treatment, make sure you aren't going anywhere afterwards, or you bring your makeup bag with you! The woman who did my treatment was lovely, however she did refer to my few spots as acne which I thought was a little harsh!

So my verdict?

 A 15 minute facial you could get done in you're lunch break (provided you don't mind going back to work a little spotty and bare faced) is great, especially if you're going on a night out or to an occasion and need a boost to get you a fresh faced glow.

The facial has instant results which is good for someone who likes to see instant results.
If you like a relaxing treatment where you can unwind then you probably won't like this treatment, The tag line to the treatment after all is "No downtime. Just results"

It's not a typical luxe treatment, it is results driven and a quick in and out. At £50 a go, it is quite an expensive luxury, but the results have been rumored to be addictive, and people have been favoring the treatment over botox.

You can buy treatments in bundles which reduces the price to soften the blow, but the icing on the cake, is that your first treatment is 100% completely and absolutely FREE!
I certainly hope to return in order to get that LA perfect glow.