Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Beauty Pie

 If you keeps tabs on the beauty industry, then there is no doubt that you will have seen Beauty Pie floating around bloggers and beauty editors Instagrams.

I was lucky enough to be working at the PR company promoting Beauty Pie at the time of it's infancy, and got to be a part of the process of getting it to where it is today, from researching packaging to tasting pies for the launch.

So what is Beauty Pie?
Beauty Pie was created by Marcia-Midas Touch- Kilgore. Marcia is the creator of Soap and Glory, Fit Flop and more recently, Soaper Duper.
Beauty Pie provides high end makeup at cost price.

How does Beauty Pie work?
There has been a bit of confusion surrounding Beauty Pie and the idea of it being a membership system. It is NOT a subscription service like Birchbox or Cohorted, where you pay £X amount a month and get a box of goodies to your door.
No, beauty Pie allows you to choose what products what you are getting.
you are still paying for them like you would an online shop, just at the cost price that the products cost to make. Dreamy, I know!

How much does it cost?
A year long membership is £120 or a monthly membership - which you have to sign up to 3 months minimum- is £10 a month so that is a flat rate. How much you choose to spend that month is up to you, however there is a £100 cap at the RETAIL price of each product. The good news is that if you choose not to buy anything one month, your allowance will roll over to the next month.
The products themselves can range from product to product. You'd find it very hard to find a product for over £20 though.

How comes it's so cheap?
Beauty Pie aims to be completely transparent about what the cost of each product comes too.
Unfortunately, we live in a world where there is a huge mark up on a majority of our items, but that is how brands make their money.
For example, a lot of brands want to be seen an a luxury, brand so will put weight into their products because for some reason, consumers believe weight equals luxury.
Beauty Pie however have made their products super light which also makes shipping cheaper!
You will also notices the very clean cut, (almost Bobbi Brown-esqe) packaging. Again, very little money has gone into branding to keep it cheap cheap cheap (although it does look pretty sleek)

So are the products good?
A lot of the products made for beauty Pie are made in the same factory as a lot of high end brands so essentially, you are getting the same product just without the branding and packaging. Obviously they cannot disclose which products theirs is the exact replica of, but I can assure you there are some cult classics in the mix.

To prove they're worth the hype, I have a little selection of products the girls at Monty sent to me after I left, so you can hear my honest thoughts and see the prices of each item once you have a Beauty Pie membership.

I was sent the oil free micro mineral serum foundation £4.84 which is absolutely silky smooth. It's a tiny bit dark for my skin but this will be perfect for my summer holiday as it's light weight, and just adds a layer of colour. 

I was also given a Incrediblur concealer, £3.02 which again is a little too dark, so I will save that for my holiday, but it has a lovely balm consistency that melts into the skin.

One thing you can't go wrong with is lipstick colour! And the 2 shades of future lipstick matte £2.24  I was sent have been in my handbag ever since. They're so hydrating and kind of the lips. They last all day and the variety of colour is pretty impressive.

I was also sent a beach gloss, £2.02 which I have heard nothing but good reviews about. Fleur de force even said in a vlog they were very similar to the formula she used for her own brand of lip glosses. 

I hate sticky lip glosses, but the beauty Pie ones are not tacky at all, and give a subtle sheen to the lips, plus they smell really vanilla-y

Finally, and probably my favourite product, is the One Powder Wonder, £3.73. This honestly blurs my skin and makes it look as if it has been photoshopped. 

So... will I be signing up?

Well I've just filled out the application and have my first official box of goodies on the way :)
Plus with the addition of a skincare range coming soon, there is no way this skin care junkie is missing out!

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