Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Escentric Molecule 04

Launching on the 25th April 2017 is the fourth addition to the Escentric Molecule range.
If you have read 'What I got For my Birthday 2017', you will see I got the Molecule 01 which I absoluetly love.

To explain a little more about the brand, Escentric Molecules was created by German born Geza Schoe.
Each range is made up of two parts:
The Escentric and the Molecule.

The Molecule fragrance is very unusual, it is essentially one large molecule of fragrance, which is absorbed by each wearer, and smells differently on every person, marrying their natural scent to the fragrance. Because it blends with your natural scent, it means you can't smell it a lot of the time.
But "why would you buy a fragrance you can't smell though?" I hear you cry?

Well in all honestly, when you put it like that it does sounds pretty stupid, however I absolutely love my Molecule 01, which is a molecule called Iso E Super, and I find I get little burts of the scent when I wear it, making it that much more special.

If you are still not sold, then the Escentric counterpart is probably the fragrance for you. This is an oil based fragrance which has the same ingredient in as the molecule, just with more ingredients to layer it, so you can wear it on top of the molecule to intensify, or on it's own.

So now you know the science behind the brand, we can talk about the new and exciting 04.


Firstly, the packaging.
For me, the orange colour suits the fragrance however the 02 Escentric Molecule range is very a similar orange so I think it will be a little confusing.
I think a bright pink would have worked perfectly for this fragrance, once you see the sorts of ingredients there are involved.

 As I work on a fragrance department, I have been able to find out a lot about this fragrance before its launch, as well as being able to wear it. These fragrances are perfect for summer due to some of the ingredients, however they are not the sort of things you'd expect to see on a fragrance label.

Firstly, the one Molecule that makes up the said fragrance is Javanol, which is a labatory made sandalwood fragrance.
Whereas the 01 Molecule is a woody floral musk, this is a much lighter sandelwood molecule, which almost has a metallicy smell to it.
 Geza Schoen, the creator of Escentric Molecules himself says Javenol

smells as if liquid metallic grapefruit peel were poured over a bed of velvety cream-coloured roses.

Whilst that sounds delightful, for me, it was so light I really struggled to smell it. Apparently it is meant to be very similar to the Molecule 01 which comes and goes throughout the day, so it may be a case of being patient with it.


This is when the Escentric comes in, as this is a much more concentrated fragrance in a more traditional, oil based formula which makes the Javanol more complex.

You can see from the colour that this has more to it, as it is concerntrated with lovely oils that give the strong aroma.

The top notes which fade away after a little while, are made up of Pink Grapefruit peel which is very strong, pink pepper, lime juice, juniper and, wait for it... Marijuana! Thats right, this fragrance has Pot, Weed, Grass, 420, Ganga, Dope, Herb or whatever you want to call it, as one of the top notes.

I was worried that it might have that "walk through the park on a summers day and smell it everywhere" vibe, but it actually works really well with strong citrus and peppery scents, and that is coming from someone who absoluetly hates the smell of weed.

This strong scent doesn't last long, as citrus scents in particular evaporate very quickly, however the grapefruit does seem to linger which may be because the extract of grapefruit is from the peel.
The middle notes which are Rose and Orris, make the fragrance much more comfortable to wear after the initial punch.

The long lasting base notes are the Javanol and Polysantol which is another type of Sandalwood which makes this fragrance really aromatic and sexy as well as being fruity.

So my verdict?
I love this fragrance! I will certainly be wearing it over the next few months as I think it embodies the smell of summer and is really wearable for day and night.
My sister who is not a fragrance-y person at all always comments when I have this on, and I think it is another genius addition to the Escentric Molecules range.

Both the Escentric and Molecule fragrances are
£75 for 100ml
£47 for 30ml travel cased

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