Monday, 24 April 2017

Coachella Nails

Yesterday marked the official end of Coachella 2017, and I am not going to lie, I am so glad it is finished!
Scrolling through instagram and seeing beautiful people have the most amazing time at one of arguably one of the trendiest festivals, is sure to make me just a little bit jealous.

Although I have never been, it is on my bucket list of festivals to go to, so until then I can dream... and paint my nails.

I've seen so many Coachella inspired nails, and whilst I have done some pretty crazy tie dye Glastonbury inspired nails (a festival I have actually attended) I took inspiration from @dreamynaildesigns instagram for this cooler more relaxed design. 

As it is the end of Coachella, I chose more pastel colours, to represent the sun setting on the festival for another year.
I started with a pale pink base my Models Own which is the strawberry scented polish, and then ombred on a pale blue by Nails Inc.

If anyone knows me, then they'll know messing up any nail art drives me crazy, so I was pretty nervous about adding the thick black text over my cute pastel ombre.

All I had to do was spell it right, and did I? NOPE. I'll add a little picture at the end of the typo which meant I had to take off one nail and start again... not happy.

When I DID eventually spell it right, I added text and encorporated the signature ferris wheels, and a couple of palm trees (which my sister says looks like Ts... Coachetta lol)

On my other hand I did some palm trees which I think look pretty cute!

Here is to another sundown on Coachella, and hopes that one day we can all be that cool hippy chick throwing up peace signs in front of the wheel.

absolute mare