Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Grandiose Eye Liner

Hi all! Today I am reviewing the new Lancome Grandiose eye liner that launched a few weeks ago.
If you have read my blog, you may have seen that the Grandiose mascara blew my mind and jumped straight to my number one mascara beating Benefit's 'They're Real' and the 'Chanel volumizing mascara. You can read a review of that here: Lancome Grandiose Mascara

What makes the Grandiose mascara so individual is the swan neck wand, which is a theme they have continued to the eye liner.
The ball point handle means you can have it straight or create angles with the brush making it SO easy to apply. If you have trouble with eye liner, or maybe you just want an easy alternative, then this product is perfect for you.

Clicking the wand into different angles means getting a continous line into the inner corner of the eye  is a breeze.

It is also a great angle to go as a guide line for the outer cat flick

The reason I commited and bought this liner was because I tried the new three shades on my hand and they lasted all day even after washing my hands and going about my day. The eye liner comes in the classic black, a beautiful brown and a stunning blue.
 It is also worth mentioning that the launch of this liner comes with a new edition of the mascara, the Grandiose extreme, which I will realistically be buying very soon as well, as it is longer lasting, even blacker than the original mascara, and promises to give even more oomph. Along with that, there is also a new eyebrow mascara which comes in 3 shades from blonde to brown, and also a clear gel for the fair haired or if you prefer no colour.

I absolutely love this product. My only flaw would be that I find the formula slightly dry, so I keep having to dip into the pot a lot to charge up the wand when applying, but I think that dry formula is what makes it stay longer compared to a wetter liquid eye liner.

This eyeliner retails at £23.00 at all Lancome suppliers.