Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Beauty Pie 2.0

Well hello, and welcome back to yet another Beauty Pie post. I know it may seem like I am banging on about this brand, but it really has so much to offer and at great affordable prices, it is kind of the only stuff I am using at the moment!

If you are unfamiliar with Beauty Pie and the way it works, then I wrote a pretty detailed post about the way it all works on a previous blog here, so do go and check that out if you haven't already.

My last post was also on the amazing skincare they have, so again, do head over there to read about that.

This post will be focussing on the makeup, and will be a kind of 'Get Ready With Me Post'

So once I used all my Beauty Pie Skincare, I used the Matte Retouch Pore Minimizing Primer £3.44 which is quite a creamy feel. It doesn't have the siliconey feel which I quite like in a primer, but it does add a little layer of smoothness to help makeup application. It isn't my favourite ever primer but I do like the way it soaks in like a moisturiser.

Next is the Great Skin Foundation, £5.06 which I have been most excited to use. I went for the shade Ivory because I am pale AF, and it suits my skin tone perfectly. I find the coverage very good however the staying power hadn't been working that well for me. At about midday I could see it starting to lift away from my skin and cling to drier bits of skin. Since changing to Beauty Pie skincare, I have seen a huge difference in the lasting power of my foundation, and now it lasts much longer and goes on much smoother.

Next is the Super Luminous Concealer £2.69 which I've had a rollercoaster relationship with. At first, I loved the idea of a built in sponge, and the luminizing formula really called out to me. I put it in my shopping basket and waited for it to arrive.

Trying it out, I found the sponge really really hard, and a bit painful to use when using it on the bony areas around my eyes. It didn't blend in well at all and I threw it down and grabbed my beauty blender.

After a few weeks I decided to give it another try, and the more I use it, the more the sponge softens and the better it works. It does take a little longer to blend than a usual sponge as it is so small, but I have to say I do really like the coverage it gives.

The formula has a tiny shimmer so it is great under the eyes to brighten but I wouldn't use it on any blemishes as it would highlight them. The coverage is really good and it makes me look much more awake. Final verdict: We like.

Once my base is done, I like to add definition and blush to my face. The Quantum Bronzer £2.87 is actually stunning, however the shimmery layer is only on the top of the pan and underneath is a matte product.

After bronzing, I use the Smart Powder Blush £2.77 in 'Peachy Dreams' for my cheeks which is really lovely and a great colour for paler skin as it adds a subtle wash of colour.

Moving on to eyes, I used Precision Eyeliner Marker £1.48 which is like a felt tip pen. I have to say I didn't get on with this very well, however I don't think anything will ever compare to my Gradiose Lancome Liner which is my favourite. I did actually like it better the second time I used it but there is quite a large range of eye liners on the website so I may have to try a different texture next time!

One eye product I am a huge fan of though, is the Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara £1.98 which does crazy things to my lashes in a matter of seconds! It is really long lasting and adds incredible volume and length to my lashes.
Scuse the brows, they're overdue a pluck

Next is the Pro Glow Highlighter in the shade Cosmic Shine, £5.46. This is the most instagrammable product ever! It looks absolutely gorgeous and like a marbled shimmer dream. I found the product quite hard to pick up at first, but similarly to the One Powder Wonder £3.76 which I reviewed in my previous makeup post, I have now started to wear it in (heartbreak because it looks too pretty to use) and I find I get good coverage with this.
It gives a subtle yet gorgeous finish to the areas you highlight.


I have also got this Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer £2.53which I am yet to use.

Lastly,  I seal everything with the One Powder Wonder £3.76 to make it last that bit longer and blur my complexion.

To finish everything off we have lips and I have gone for this Future Lipstick in Bomb shell Pink £3.11 which is a great hot pink shade for the summer.

Side note: Anyone have any tips for these bumps on my cheeks?

And the final look...

I'll try and change up my posts but Beauty Pie is just so great it is hard to use anything else at the moment!