Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Beauty Pie Skincare

If you have been following me or reading my blog lately, then you will see that there is one brand predominantly taking over my feed at the moment. Beauty Pie is the new innovative creation by Marcia Kilgore, and if you want to read more about what it is, how it works, or why you should get involved, then read here

The latest addition to the membership service shop, is skincare! As a huge lover of skincare, I knew I wanted to continue my membership in order to reap the benefits of this amazing brand.
With high end products at an affordable cost price, I really don't see why you wouldn't want to get involved!

I waited until everything was in stock as I like to use a skincare range as opposed to just the one product here and there. I really do believe skin care ranges are designed to work together, so I like to commit to the whole collection so I see the full benefits.

Talking about them in the order I use them, the first product is the Double Phase Daily Deep Rinse Off Cleanser £4.92* which is a cream consistency and comes with a cloth. Whilst I don't like using cloths unless it is for a particularly balmy cleanser that leaves residue, the cloth is very soft material.

This cleanser smells of luxury and is a really lovely consistency. It smells of glamorous chocolate orange however I have to say it isn't fantastic at removing eye make up. I like something that gets the job done, but I feel I have to work this product a little harder. Nevertheless I think it is a really beautiful product.

Next is my absolute favourite product which is the Super Stem Cell Moisture Shot Serum £6.84* and oh my god this has changed my life. From the first use, I actually saw a dramatic improvement in my skins moisture levels, and I genuinely look forward to putting this on my face everyday. The consistency is almost like a primer, with a smoothing effect on the skin, but since using this my skin has been the best it has been for a while. 10/10 for this!

Next is the Super Healthy Skin Daily Moisture Lotion £5.73 and whilst this doesn't have the dramatic hydrating effects of the serum, it is still a lovely product to lock in that moisture. The smell is fairly plain and actually a bit like an E45 cream, but it isn't too thick and it soaks in really fast.

 Lastly is the Plantastic Youth Guard Eye Cream £5.22 which is always out of stock on the website! It must be popular and I can see why, as this light eye cream is really hydrating and leaves a slight glow in the under eye area. It makes the area feel really comfortable and this little pot will last a life time!!

If you want to see more products from Beauty Pie skincare or look at the make up too, go to

*Prices are at membership prices