Thursday, 8 June 2017

Mac Lipstick X Infulencers

I am always a bit of a sucker for a Mac collaboration, and this infulencer collab wasn't going to be one I was going to miss!
The two incredible women Mac collaborated with are blogger and YouTuber Fleur de Force, and Glamour's very own beauty director Alessandra Steinherr.
These two women are absolutely bossing the beauty world at the moment, so who better to have their very own lipstick??

Whilst I never used to be a nude lipstick lover, recently it it the only thing I'm wearing. 
The Fleur and Alessandra lipsticks are both nude shades, Fleur's being a browner nude, and Alessandra's a pinkier shade.


Alessandra has turned the role of journalist, to celebrity. Whilst you never used to see the face behind the story, social media has allowed us to meet journalists and hear what they really think. Alex's Instagram is my go to when ever I want to see the newest products before they hit the shelves, and her insta-stories of facial routine are informative and enchanting.

Alessandra's lipstick is the staple beauty editor nude.


Like many bloggers and vloggers, Fleur has had her fair share of success. With a published book of her makeup tips and tricks, 'The Glam Guide', and her own range of Eyelure lashes, Fleur is one of the most recognised bloggers in the world. She attracts up to 4-6 million views a month, and this is constantly growing.

Fleur's shade is the perfect bronzey nude for summer.

So those are the swatches of each lipstick so you can choose your favourite...or like me, just get both! (they are both £16.50 each in case you do). I thought I would favour the Alessandra lipstick due to my fair complexion, but I have actually found myself reaching for Fleur's more tan colour. Both are really creamy with a shiny finish, and I love wearing them.

If this doesn't scream girl power, and the hope of achieving the unimaginable from behind a computer screen, then I don't know what does!