Monday, 12 June 2017

Jam Berry Nails

I love it when people approach me with ideas or products I can use on my blog.
A while ago, my boyfriends mum said she knew someone who had an opportunity to do with nails! I jumped at the chance, and was connected with the lovely Leonie, who is a Jamberry Nail Wraps consultant.

She sent me a little sample wrap to try which I featured on my instagram a while ago, and told you to keep an eye out for something exciting... well this is the post I meant!


After trying out the little trial wrap, I bought some nail wraps through Leonie which I think are going to be great for summer.


Each pack comes with an alcohol wipe to remove oil from the nail, and a little cuticle stick.
I went for a cute pineapple design and some gingham patterns as I am still obsessed with this trend!

The wraps come in all different sizes so you can line them up to the nail you think it will fit best. 
You then cut the wrap in half so you have one for the same nail on each hand.

Using the wipe you remove the oils, and then peel back the plastic layer on the wrap to expose the sticky side.

You then warm this up (I use my hair dryer) for 3 seconds so the wrap becomes soft, and then lightly stick the wrap to the base of the nail. Try avoiding the cuticle as it will lift and the wrap won't last as long.

Once the wrap is in place, push from the base of the nail up, so all air bubbles will leave through the top of the nail and no folds are created.

Once they're on, you just need to trim and file down the rough edge in a downward motion to seal it.

And voila, fun and exciting nail art done without waiting for paint to dry.

These little wraps are so much fun, and they're a great alternative for someone who doesn't have time to create their own fun nail patterns. The wraps also come in plain colours if you want a more classic look.

They are also good if you are a nail biter, as these cover the nail making it harder to nibble, and for someone whose nails peel (mine do a lot!) the temptation to peel them is gone as they are protected and looking fabulous. The wraps usually last up to week or over, so if you're going away and want to avoid chipping, these are another great option.

Each sheet costs £15, and they will last you ages. Nail wraps can also be used on the toes if you fancy a fun design for your feet.