Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mavala Jewel Collection

The Mavala Jewel collection came out a few weeks ago now and I had meant to post this so it was hot off the press. I wasn't happy with my pictures though, as they did the polishes no justice whatsoever. I have finally got some better shots now so I think I am ready to show you!

So here we have The Jewel collection!

 Mavala have done a glitter collection before but the Mavala Jewel collection isn't just any glitter collection, the glitter is so so fine and easy to remove, which is what I usually hate about glitter. The colours are multi tonal and perfect for the upcoming Christmas parties.

Gold Shimmer is a very sparkly gold. Everyone must have a sparkly gold at this time of year!

Topaz Gem is a pretty light blue. Maybe more appropriate in summer but you called also do some pretty snow effect nails with this!

Quartz Rock is a light pink. Would look good over any pink colour for a girly manicure.

Ruby Dust is perfect for christmas! This could/should go over everything!

Moonstone is an unsual mix of pink and blue glitter. It's quite ethereal and a bit dreamy.

Diamond powder, again, could be used for a snowy effect manicure or for a touch of sparkle.