Monday, 25 November 2013

Tartan Nails

If any of you follow me on instagram (please do, it is just whatalooker), you would have seen I posted some tartan nails yesterday. I was inspired by the Wah Nails Downtown Girls book again, and I am living in tartan at the moment. It's one of those granny chic trends I have always loved, and I am so happy it is currently acceptable to wear as it is in all the high street shops. 

My tartan nails are by no means my best ever. In fact I am slightly ashamed of how bad these have come out. The lines are just far too thick and gloopy, so I will have to practice some more! My boyfriend came up with a good idea of using an old credit card to print the lines onto the nail, so they are thin and straight. My thumb nail came out the best as I think it is a bigger canvas to work on.

Next time I think I will experiment with different colours and pattern styles. I used my nail art pens for his look, and used the striper end. Although I first started out with nail art pens, I think I am starting to grow out of them for the more technical looks I want to achieve. I will have to start practicing with big girl nail art brushes soon I think!

If you have any hints or tips I can use to improve this look then please leave a comment! Any suggestions are welcomed! What sorts of colours would you use too?