Friday, 22 November 2013

My 12 days Christmas Beauty Wishlist

It is getting so close to Christmas now and I thought I should share with you my top Beauty Christmas wishes!

Ciate Advent Calender

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To start things off, I think it is fair to say that an apt advent calendar is needed on the countdown to a beauty bloggers christmas day?? That said, beauty advent calendars have rocketed this year, with a lot of brands bringing out a calendar with little goodies inside! However, as a nail varnish enthusiast, I have  had my eyes set on one calendar and one calendar only. The Ciate nail polish calendar is perfect! I am an avid Ciate fan, and with each window revealing either a colour, an effect, sequins or caviar, I think this would make me very happy for the whole of December! At £42.00, I would consider it a Christmas present in itself, but it really is quite exciting!

Aveda Curl Controller

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I work opposite an Aveda counter, and as I have started to learn more about the brand, the more I love it. Aveda is a very earthy brand, very in to natural skincare (which I am now a great lover of) and also natural haircare. Not only do they strive to save the world, they also make great products. I have used the tester in the shop of this curl controller every day, where my hair has felt a bit wild.  It instantaneously lengthens the natural curl in my hair, but doesn't weigh it down, as the product contains no silicone. This product make my hair look less frizzy and matted, and more beach-hair and tousled. For only £19.00 it is an absolute must have for a mop head like me!

Kiehl's Soy Milk and Honey Creme de Corps

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This Kiehl's whipped body butter smells so amazing! I had a luxury sized sample of the stuff and I love applying just after I have showered as I find the smell really comforting and soothing. The whipped cream makes it really light so it absorbs quickly, so I can put my pajamas on straight after. It is also really good for the eczema on my arms. I find this a perfect winter warming body cream. The large size (which I would need!) is £45.00.

Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Mask / Eve Lom Moisture Mask
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Both these masks come in a gel form which you leave on the skin for about 10 minutes. In that time, your skin will soak up exactly the amount of moisture it needs, and you can wipe away the excess.
The Aromatherapy Associates mask is made from hydrating rose and soothing aloe vera. The Eve Lom mask uses moisturising coconut extracts. Both are beautiful products that do a similar job. The Aromatherapy Mask is £36.00 and the Eve Lom mask is £65.00.

Ren Omega 3 Serum

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This serum is the re packaged Omega 3 night serum from Ren, which for some reason looks so much more appealing in it's diddy little blue label. This serum was described to me as 'a vitamin smoothie for the skin'. In other words, it will give your skin exactly the amount of nutrients it will need to look healthy and radiant as well as boosting radiance and help to fight ageing. This serum does NOT smell of fish considering it is packed with omega 3. It does in fact smell of peaches as it is not derived from fish so therefore can be used by vegans and is totally addictive to smell. This serum costs only £23.00.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

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This pillow spray is This Works' best seller. It absolutely flies of the shelves where I work and people absolutely swear by it. That said, I am a bit of a worrier and work myself up over small things, and due to this I find it hard to drift off sometimes. This spray uses Lavender and Vetivert - a natural sedative- to help ease you into the land of nod. At only £16.00, I think it is fantastic value for money, as a good nights sleep is priceless.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

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This is another product that flies of the shelves where I work on the Liz Earle counter. The hot cloth cleanser is a best seller, as the cleanser removes makeup, the muslin cloths provided gently exfoliate the dead layers of skin. The Cocoa butter and Eucalyptus leave the skin fresh and hydrated using only plant extracts. This cleanser is £13.25

Bare Minerals Starter Kit 

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Bare Minerals is the most natural form of makeup as it uses only minerals (funnily enough!). This american brand uses powders and cleverly crafted brushes to allow really amazing coverage. As my skin tends to be slightly red and uneven, I want to give this mineral makeup a go as it feels lightweight, but has all the coverage. The Bare Minerals starter kit comes with a foundation, a finishing powder, a foundation primer and three brushes to help apply the products. It also comes with a DVD to show you how to get the best out of your products. For £50.00, I think it is quite a worthy investment into the world of Bare Minerals.

Nail Art Book by Helena Biggs

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I am currently subscribed to Scratch Magazine which I LOVE receiving every month. The deputy editor of the magazine, Helena Biggs has also brought out this book, which I would like to have a look at. Some of the nail designs in here are more technical, like putting on super long extensions and doing crazy designs. Although I wouldn't have nails like it myself, I love seeing what other nail technicians can create on such a tiny canvas!  

Pantene BB Cream for Hair

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We have all heard off BB creams for your face, but one for you hair?!? Pantene have brought out this BB cream which claims to do 10 things in one bottle. I first saw this on another beauty blog, and the author said she really liked the product so I want to give it a try! On their website it has five star reviews, and it claims to repair, soften, protect, smooth just to name a few of it's talents! I quite like an unusual product and this is one I want to try!

Michael Kors Watch

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Now I know I said this was a beauty Christmas list, but the last item on my list is this gold Michael Kors watch, I have wanted for so long now! So much so that I have started having dreams where I am trying on a selection of different watches from him. I already have a beautiful Marc Jacobs watch I got for my 21st birthday, but that is silver and the strap has got a bit tatty and needs replacing. I love big chunky watches and want a gold one to wear with gold jewellery and special occasions. At £229.00 I would not expect to get it from anyone, but this is a wish list remember! Its not a beauty product, but it is beautiful!

So there is my list! Is there anything on my list that you are wanting this Christmas?