Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Nails 2!

Here is my second Christmas nail art. I said in my last Christmas nails post I wanted to use my 'Flashy Violet' colour by Mavala a bit more. I posted this picture on my Instagram a few days ago, and I think this colour is so amazing. I got so many comments when I wore this just plain on my nails. It shimmers between electric blue and a deep purple and I love it.

This colour certainly does not need anything to make it look any better, but you know me! This colour reminded me of a dark, magical Christmas-y evening. I saw some reindeer inspired nail art in my latest Scratch magazine so I took inspiration from that.

My Father Christmas flying through the sky nail art, was done using a white nail pen. I realise silhouettes are usually black, but I played around with the contrast and I think you can tell what it is meant to be!?  Originally, I used a glitter top coat by Azature which claims to have real black diamond in it! I didn't realise that the base coat in which the glitter is held together, had a black/dark blue colour, so when I painted it over the white silhouettes it really died down the colour.

To rectify the problem, I used Mavala Pure Diamond which has chunkier glitter, and painted over the whole design to make the sky more starry. I then went over the white bits again with my pen again to make it pop against the dark background.

For the Rudolph red nose, I just dotted some pink nail art pen. Are there any other types of Christmas inspired nail art you'd like to see?