Saturday, 28 December 2013

Tom Ford Lip Gloss

The department store I work at got a Tom Ford counter a few months ago. When it was going in I went in early to help, and this is what I got as a Thank You which was so worth getting up early for!

The counter where I work specialises in the fragrance of Tom Ford, and also sells the nail varnishes (which I have had my eyes on!). We do not sell any of the makeup, but the quality of the lip gloss is fantastic so I would be interested in trying it.

The gloss I received is called 'Lost Cherry' which is a very bright red colour which, as a lover of a red lip, I absolutely adore. You can apply it by itself for a very intense colour of over lipstick to add shine. I prefer to wear it by itself. I don't usually like gloss, but this is not sticky at all.

Here is a picture I posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago wearing it. As you can see it has a very strong colour. It such a great accessory for my handbag as the name is an accessory itself. The packaging and everything about it is so classy, and especially around this time of year, it has been one of my most used products.