Saturday, 28 December 2013

Lip Care Regime featuring Lush and Bliss

Tis the season to wear red lipstick! I love red lipstick and have been wearing so much recently that even when I take it off, my lips are still a little bit stained and it looks terrible when my lips are dry cracked.
I have had a few lip treatments lying around so decided to finally try them out.

Firstly, I used the Bliss Fabulips foaming lip cleanser. It makes sense to cleanse your lips seeing as you cleanse your face everyday. This cleanser is made to lift impurities from the lips and to leave them clean. I would not apply this straight onto lipstick as it just smudges it round your face, so I'd suggest wiping of the lipstick best as you can, and then applying it after to remove the last stained bits. The foaming action of the lip cleanser gives you a tingling sensation, and once wiped of with water, there is not a trace of lipstick. I used this when wearing one of my darkest lipstick and it worked a treat!
The Fabulips cleanser retails at £12.

Next in my lip care regime, I used the Lush Santa lip scrub. Lush have lots of different flavours in the lip scrub such as popcorn and bubblebum. This festive flavour is meant to taste like Cola, but I think it smells slightly like that banana medicine you used to get when you were a child, which I loved so I'm not complaining. As Lush is a natural company, the scrub is nothing more than sugar, and is gentle enough to be used on the more delicate area.

This product is applied to dry lips, and then any excess should be washed off with water. This product tastes really nice, so you can afford to go to the inner bits of lip. This is a perfect product to gently remove dry flakes of skin on the lips. It doesn't hurt at all, and afterwards your lips feel so so smooth. This little scrub is only £2.75!

 The other product I have from Bliss is the Lip plumper.  This is just a clear gel form that has a peppermint taste and leaves a tingle on the lips to make them appear plumper. I've always been a bit skeptical about lip plumpers. I don't think lip plumpers actually work, I think the tingling feeling makes you pout slightly making them appear fuller, but they actually don't physically plump up the lips anymore. That said, this product leaves a nice gloss and feels very hydrating which makes the lips feel fresh and looking healthy. This retails at £16

Finally, the Lush Santa lip tint. This is perfect for giving your lips a rest from lipstick, but still gives you a bit of colour. The pigment in this product is actually really strong, and it can be built up to have a denser colour. A big fan of this product and at only £5.75 its perfect for the handbag.

Are there any lip products that you swear by? I would love to hear from you!

*one of the tags in this post is 'natural ingredients'  which only applies to the Lush products!