Thursday, 19 December 2013

Organix Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner

I was drawn to Organix, because they're a cheap alternative to natural brands on the market. When low on cash, I went to the Organix section in Boots and had great fun sniffing all the Shampoos and Conditioners. Every range has the most amazing smell, but being a sucker for coconut, I finally settled on these two.

The nourishing coconut seemed the best option for my occasionally dry hair. When I started to use it, I noticed the Shampoo slightly foamed which shouldn't happen in a natural product. When I checked the bottle, I saw there was a foaming agent in the shampoo, which is not natural so I was a bit disappointed as I felt slightly mis-led. Luckily I'm not an uber hippy who would feel violated if I had such a thing on my head, but still, slightly false advertising. Anyway, the actual experience was nice, and for a while after my hair smelt lovely and coco-nutty even days after I washed it. The whipped egg whites add protein to the hair, but after a few weeks of using it, I swear I started to smell the eggy aroma on my head. I don't know whether it is because I got too used to the coconut smell. The actual condition of my hair was good, but now I have finished using these products and moved on to something else, I am preferring the new stuff. Not a huge success, but for a cheap product you can't complain. Both Shampoo and Conditioner were £5 and they left my hair in good condition. I want to try some of the other ranges within the brand so I won't write it off yet! Take a look here to see their other ranges