Friday, 11 April 2014

Chanel Mascara

I am still on the search for the perfect mascara (who isn't to be honest?) and after a friends recommendation, my next choice was to go for the Chanel volumizing mascara priced at £22.50. This is probably he most expensive mascara I have ever bought, but it is Chanel so you can't be surprised.

Usually I go for more lengthening mascaras, but my lashes are actually fairly long but lacking volume. Volumizing mascara wands tend to be a lot fatter, and what I can only describe as being 'bumble bee' like. This took a little getting used too to start as I'm more familiar with thinner wands for length.

To start I couldn't use the mascara without getting thick spider lashes all grouped together, but after a bit of practice, I have managed to coat more individual lashes.

From the side, it looks like I need more length again, but from the front I think it defiantly looks like I have more volume. I must confess I have a really bad habit of pulling out my eye lashes so more volume has covered up the more sparse areas!