Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Jaws Nail Art

Hello there readers! Today is going to be a slightly different post from my normal reviews or nail art posts, because I am going to shed a bit of light on my personal life. ooooeerrrrr. In my last post I explained that I hadn't got round to doing any Easter nail art because I had had a very busy weekend. Well this post will explain why! For my boyfriends birthday, I paid for us to going swimming in the shark tank at London Aquarium. Sharks have been my biggest fear since I can remember so this was quite a big deal for me!

So here are some pictures of our day for you to see!

Sand Tiger Shark
Brown Shark
The shark tank with the net in the back ground

The look of relief afterwards!
I have to admit that as terrifying as it was, it was really interesting and I learned a lot about sharks! I think I have cured my fear slightly as I would do it again in a heartbeat! Sharks are very misunderstood creatures, and it got me thinking as to where my deep rooted fear of sharks came from, after all, its not like you see them everyday! I think it stems down to when I watched Jaws as a child, as I spent most of the film perched on the back of the sofa with a cushion over my eyes.

As Jaws is such an iconic and classic film, I decided to pay homage to it, and do some Jaws inspired nail art.

I saw this design online by a girl called Kayleigh, who goes the extra mile when it comes to nail art, and actually uses extensions for shapes.  Here is a link to her Facebook page so you can see what I mean! KayleighOCNailArt

To make this nail art, this is all the equipment I used. It looks like quite a lot so I'll break it down into manageable chunks.

I started by painting each nail white, as the poster has a white background, and it meant the blue sea colours would be more vivid. I used scotch tape over half of the nail so the horizon would be really clean. I used two shades of blue so the water appeared to be getting deeper, and then when the tape is peeled of, you have a really straight line. I made sure the level was the same on each nail so it really gave the illusion of sea.

For the thumb where the shark will emerge from, I added another darker shade of blue to make the water look even deeper.

For Jaws himself, I was originally going to use  grey, but on the poster he is lighter, so I went for baby blue instead. The mouth and eyes were done with a black nail art pen, and the outline and terrifying teeth were done with a white pen.

For my poor victim, I used a gold nail art pen from Topshop which I have never used before. It is literally a pen so perfect if your haven't used nail art pens before. The swimsuit and hair were done with pink and yellow nail pens.

For the other hand, I just outlined the letters in pink to make sure they were ok, then went over them in the red to give them the bloodied effect.

I got a little lazy at the clean up around these!

So these are my gory Jaws nails, let me know what you think!