Monday, 5 May 2014

Ruffian Glitter Nail Art

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend! Apologies for not posting much, I have been enjoying the sun too! This post was originally meant to be posted last Monday, to tie in with Lacquer Legion prompt. The Lacquer Legion is a group that posts a theme every month and nail artists have to create some nail art based on the prompt. Last Monday the prompt was 'Glam' so I thought I would try something glittery. I usually hate using glitter as it is such an ordeal to take off, but I heard using PVA glue as a base coat really helps ease off the glitter so I gave this theory a go!

For this look, I used Homebase own PVA glue, glitter polish by Barry M and 'brompton place' by Nails Inc

This style of manicure is called a 'ruffian' and it is really easy to do. I applied about 4 layers of my glitter base on top of the PVA to make a really good thick coverage. You then go over the glitter with your other chosen colour, leaving the glitter peaking out of the sides. It is really simple to do!

The next question was, was the PVA base coat going to work? The answer is yes! It made peeling of the glitter so easy, and I didn't have to do any cleaning up afterwards at all. It kept my manicure in tact for a good few days as well, and would have lasted loner if I wasn't riddled with temptation at peeling it off.

I am definitely going to use PVA in the future so expect a lot more glitter here!!