Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Aveda NEW naturally straight

Aveda's latest addition to the 'smooth infusion' range is their heat activated, 'naturally straight' product. The product is worked into damp, towel dried hair, and allows the hair to naturally straighten when heat is used. A lot of people may argue that heat will always straighten the hair if that's what you intend it to do, however my thick coarse hair will NOT blow dry straight easily at all. Pictured below is my hair tied up after washing. This is the natural state of my hair, and as you can see it is frizzy and unruly.

My lovely friend Janine at Aveda demonstrated the product to me, as I was sceptical at first. She dampened my hair, and worked the product through in sections. With a round brush and hair dryer, she achieved the straight hair look pictured below with only a couple of runs down my hair. The great thing about this product is that it also progressively straightens the hair, so the more you use it the more manageable your hair will become. The plant fibres lock your style into place, and the Cassava root helps it deal with humidity.

This, as a result of a blow dry is a huge achievement in my eyes, as it saves a lot of time, plus a lot of damage to my hair when being styled with heat. I usually find my hair feels quite static after being blow dried, but this left my hair feeling naturally smooth and hydrated- not frazzled, and the product itself is not sticky or heavy. It leaves the hair feeling smooth, soft and bouncy, not slicked down like some high street straightening products can do.

I have used the Aveda 'smooth infusion' shampoo and conditioner before which I was impressed with, but I think adding this to my routine would speed up the styling process I have to undergo with my frizzy hair even more. This retails at £21.50, but you only need the tiniest amount in the lengths of your hair, so it would last you a long time. I think it is a great investment!