Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ciate Flower Manicure Kit

Hello everyone! Today's Monday Manicure is one I have been swooning over for a while! As you have probably guessed by now, I am Ciate's number one fan, and absolutely love everything they bring out, especially when it comes to their 'wow kits'. They are just so perfectly on trend and ahead of the game when it comes to nail art. I have reviewed loads of their bits so do go and have a look at them all!

The next one I am showing you does not disappoint at all, and that is the flower manicure. Just the boxes and the visuals that go with the kits are a piece of art, and they are so well presented, plus very affordable so they make great gifts. This kit is £18.00, but the kits can be found at absolute bargain prices in places like TK Maxx and online.

The flower manicure box shows exactly the effect you can achieve, plus the fun sunglasses make is summery and fashionable. I need them.

Inside there is absolutely everything you need. You could be stranded on a desert island with this kit and still be able to achieve the look. It contains the base colour, the dried flowers, a fast drying top coat, tweezers for handling the flowers, and a nail file.

The beautiful base blue is called 'ferris wheel', and comes in a mini size. Usually Ciate put in a full size colour, so that was slightly disappointing, but then a good top coat is always handy, so you can't complain.

The method of this manicure is pretty self explanatory, but it comes with instructions if you need help. Working on one finger at a time, you use a layer of fast drying top coat, and then postition the flowers with the tweezers where you want on the nail. The purple longer flowers are slightly harder to stick down, but I just use my finger to lightly hold it in place until it is stuck.

 When it came to positioning, I found one flower looked good on each nail, with maybe one statement finger with the overlap of two. The purple ones have more of a 'firework' shape so you can use one of those per nail. The nail file is there for any bits of flower that overhang off the edge of the nail. The flowers are so delicate, they pretty much fall of at the first touch of the nail file. That being said, be careful with the tweezers as the flowers tear easily.

Once your happy, you just do another slick of top coat to seal it down, and your done! It's a really pretty manicure that attracts a lot of attention, and the pastel blue underneath really makes the flowers pop. I have had mine on for a couple of days, and some of the flowers do rip if you work with your hands a lot, you can see especially on my index finger. I don't think it looks bad at all, just slightly more distressed, plus you can add another flower on top to cover it if you wish. I would recommend this manicure to anyone and everyone, as it is so simple to create such a pretty look. Well done Ciate, you've done it again.