Sunday, 22 June 2014

Jessica In Bloom Collection

It is that time once again when the new summer collections are emerging in the nail world, and I am here to show you what they have to offer.

Today is Jessica's new 'In Bloom' collection which is inspired from a rose garden.

The collection contains an equal balance of pretty florals and bright colours.


This is a pretty pale blue colour with a dusty grey tone to it. It is slightly similar to the 'True Blue' colour in the 'It's a Girl Thing' they did last Spring I reviewed before. Link here


This is a pastel pink with the similar dusty rose finish that runs through the collection in some colours. It's very pretty and would like nice in the evening with a nice dress.


This is another lovely purple colour which again resembles the 'New Kid In Town' colour from the 'Its A Girl Thing' collection mentioned before. This is a colour that is cropping up a lot in summer collections.


This is my favourite colour if the collection. This may not surprise you as it is very similar to the cobalt blue colour from the mavala technicolour range I raved about a while ago.


This is a really stunning red colour that I can't say I've seen anywhere else before. It has a neon pink glow about it as well. A really lovely colour for summer.


Again, a pastel green is a popular summer colour. This is a minty green but similar to the colour 'surfer boys and berries' from Jessica.

The collection is very pretty for summer. I am not hugely excited by it as it has a lot of similar colours that Jessica has brought our before. But the new additions of the bright blue and red add more diversity for me.