Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Katy Perry Prism Nail Art

This weekend I went to go and see Katy Perry in concert at the O2. I think my blog this week is going to be a little bit Katy Perry themed as I love her to bits and had such an amazing time. Plus I have some cool bits to show you. 

To kick things off, I will show you some KP inspired nail art. Initially, I was going to do some candy inspired nails, as that 'Teenage Dream' stage is what Katy Perry is best known for, but as she has a new album, I felt I should do something a bit more updated, so I looked to her newest album for inspiration.

The album is called Prism and the art work instantly inspired me to do some kind of rainbow kind of gradient to compliment the colour scheme of the album and the more hippy theme.

This picture really helped me choose an idea, I love the really pale pastel rainbow colours, and wanted to do a kind of water colour effect.

The definition of an actual 'prism' is "a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light."  I added the triangle to reflect the album, and as the source of refacted light to create the spectrum of colours.

I used a white base coat to make the colours really pop. Anytime you do a gradient manicure you should paint the base white to allow the colour blend to be prominent. I then chose these 4 really light Barry M polishes as I wanted the colours to be very pale.

Once my white base was dry, I just sponged over all four colours and transferred it onto the nail. As I wanted it to be quite pale, I didn't spend to long on it. Some of the paler colours like pale pink needed to be hand painted in a bit afterwards.

And here is the finished effect. I was a bit worried the colours would be too pale, but they are actually really subtle but still quite eye grabbing. I hadn't done any clean up around the nail in these pictures so I apologies for the sloppiness. I also found this blog really helpful and a good inspiration for my manicure. I like her added triangles and geometric patterns.

Stay tuned for more Katy Perry themed posts this week! And also take a look at some other Katy Perry inspired nails I did a while back.