Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Jessica: Textures and Sparkles

The new Jessica Textures and Sparkles range is very exciting stuff! This is the first time Jessica has ever done anything different like this with their bottles, and although the new bottles are slightly smaller they have adopted a Chanel style of bottle which looks very chic! The range has taken on the new 'sand' effect that some other brands have done. The Jessica range mixes glitter and sand to make a girly choice of colours.

'Ruff & Ready' is a super girly glittery pink. It look good in the bottle and even better on the nail. It is a mix of sand effect and chunky glitter and it is great!

"Chills Down Your Spine" is a pale pink that is just sand effect with no glitter. It has a matte effect and adds a little something to a pale natural colour.

"Give Me Goosebumps" is another great chunky glitter colour. Again, it looks great on the nail and it is a really nice deep purple.

"Excite Me" is a shade that really does excite me! My picture doesn't so the colour enough justice because its a really cool matte purple with a sand finish.

"Touch It" is the final glitter shade and is a deep gold colour. I'm not usually a huge gold fan but this one is really cool! It would look great as a singular statement nail on one hand as it has real depth to the sand and glitter.

"White Hot" is a simple white sand colour. It would look really chic on all hands and nothing else, as the sand gives it depth and a edge.

Another cool little set Jessica have brought out is the 'Black Beauties' which is a pair pf black polishes, one of which is matte.
The pair together can create some really cool looks! I didn't use these polishes for this nail art, but its just to give you an idea of what you can do!